People are sometimes surprised that as a mortgage broker, I don’t deal solely with mortgages. I also help to protect people with life insurance, critical illness cover and income protection, not just mortgages.

In order to provide the right recommendation, and therefore the right level of cover, I have to go through a medical questionnaire.

I sat down with a young couple recently and we quickly established that life insurance was of importance to them.

I explained the process that we’d go through, making sure to point out that taking insurance is separate to the mortgage. (Incidentally, if you ever get told that you HAVE to take insurance, do yourself a favour and find yourself another mortgage broker sooner rather than later!)

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Medical Questionnaires

Going through the medical questionnaire, one customer was obviously embarrassed by some of the things being asked.

“Have you seen a doctor about anything in the past 2 years that we haven’t already discussed?” I asked, reading from the script.

“Yes,” she replied, hesitantly.

“What was that for?” I asked, trying to adopt a tone that straddled both professionalism and understanding.

“Abnormal cells….” she replied, quietly, her words trailing off.

I looked up from my papers. “I’m sorry,” I told her, “I need to ask these questions.”

She nodded her understanding and I took this as a sign to continue.


“Basildon,” she replied, more confidently than before.

I tried to compose myself ask I pressed on: “whereabouts in the body were the abnormal cells?” I asked, unable to hide my smile as her partner dissolved into giggles.

She immediately realised her mistake and blushed heavily before bursting into laughter herself. The rest of the appointment was spent laughing and joking, with the poor girl being teased mercilessly by her boyfriend for her slip-up.

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