But you don’t need to be a heavyweight boxer to punch your way to a better mortgage!

Whether it’s existing customers or people I’ve never spoken to before, I’m now reviewing fixed-rate mortgages that expire any time between now and 31st July.  That’s a full six months away!

If your fixed rate finishes soon and you’ve yet to review, get in touch with your local mortgage broker to see what can be done.

Pinch, punch, first day of the month!

In my experience, the earlier you review, the better!

Whether you’re a lightweight or a heavyweight, feel like a champion and book your review NOW!

To book a free, no-obligation telephone call with Dan The Mortgage Man, simply book an appointment here.

Punch your way to a better mortgage!

Find out more about Dan The Mortgage Man here and how he can help you punch your way to a better mortgage.

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