This week I challenged my fellow BNI members to spot as many Michael Jackson song titles as they could in my 60-second presentation.

It seems like a good place to share it here. So if you think you know your Michael Jackson hits, see how many you can spot. Here we go:

“Annie are you ok, Annie are you ok, are you ok Annie?”

Not my words, of course, but the words of Michael Jackson, with his seminal 1988 hit single, Smooth Criminal.

And I’ll tell you what IS criminal, and that’s not coming to me when you’re looking to buy your first home.

Michael Jackson song titles

You can read mortgage advice online for free, whether it’s Money Saving Expert, an article in The Sun or the man in the Mirror, but why would you do that when you can see me?

No matter what you say, say, say, if your pretty young things are leaving the family home, get them to speak to me and I can give them free advice on what mortgage to get.

I promise I’ll find them a deal that won’t be too bad.

You never know, it may be so good it’ll make them scream!

You may not want your daughter leaving the nest and being gone too soon, but I’m sure I can give her mortgage advice as a First Time Buyer that would thrill’er!

How many did Michael Jackson song titles did YOU spot?

Click here to see the answers!

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