This week I challenged my fellow BNI members to spot as many Elvis Presley song titles as they could in my 60-second presentation.

It seems like a good place to share it here. So if you think you know your Elvis Presley hits, see how many you can spot. Here we go:

Elvis Presley song titles – BNI 60 seconds

My name is Dan Borley and I am a Top Rated Mortgage Adviser as seen in The Times

I save people HUNDREDS of pounds per month and am better known as Dan The Mortgage Man, I am the mortgage broker for BNI Capital (Chelmsford).

This week I want you to see how many Elvis songs you can spot.  More importantly, I would like referrals to Independent Financial Advisors who choose not to write mortgages themselves.

They will take my call because I can help them by writing mortgages for their customers which would free up THEIR time to concentrate on the things that would earn them more money.

“Lord Almighty, I feel my temperature rising.

Higher, higher. It’s burning through to my soul.”

Not my words, of course, but the words of Elvis Presley and his seminal 1972 hit single, Burning Love, the song about his battle with Chlamydia.

Saving people money is always on my mind.

I want to help your customers, but space in my diary is limited, so it’s now or never for me.

Please don’t be cruel, pass me your referrals and help me save your friends, families and customers money.

Remember, I recently saved a customer £600 per month on their mortgage!

Don't be cruel - Spot the Elvis Presley song titles

Suspicious minds will often wonder why they need a mortgage broker. The answer is simple: My advice is free and I will tell you how quickly I can start saving you money.

Don’t forget:  I’m looking for IFAs that choose not to write their own mortgages. 

Help friends save thousands if you can – Refer them to Dan The Mortgage Man.

Thank you

How many did Elvis Presley song titles did YOU spot?

Click here to see the answers!

Dan The Mortgage Man

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