It may be several months away, but if you have a mortgage with a fixed rate finishing in November, now is the time to review it!

As a mortgage broker Wirral-based, Dan The Mortgage Man answers the question “Do I need to remortgage?” with an emphatic “Yes!” if your rate finishes around Fireworks Night.#

Reviewing your mortgage six months in advance allows you to secure a rate early.  This is even more important with the Brexit uncertainty we’re currently experiencing.

Remortgaging early can light up your bank balance
Remortgaging early can light up your bank balance

So if you have a fixed-rate mortgage that finishes in (or before) November 2019, talk to your mortgage broker to see how they can help.

Don’t forget that the average mortgage payer can save £347 per month by changing their mortgage.  Research from Which? consumer group revealed this saving if customers moved from a Standard Variable Rate (that they would normally move to when their fixed rate ends) to a new fixed rate!

Contact me for mortgage advice and see how changing your mortgage could be of benefit to you.

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