Picture the scene…

Mid-June 2019. The heatwave of 2018 is long forgotten. It’s raining. Boy racers speeding down the strip at New Brighton have been replaced by soggier boy racers aqua-planing down the same stretch.

A Southerner sits proudly amongst a group of Northern business men and women at a networking event.

“There are no boy racers on the Wirral!” he’s told.

“Shush!”, he replies, “it’s ruining my narrative!”

“Dan thinks he’s funny,” says Daryl, a man fast approaching a gold medal in the Captain Birdseye lookalike stakes, who was running that particular network meeting, “he should do that Mencap fundraising thing!”

A hushed silence fell over the room. “Well he LOOKS funny…” someone said, “and he SOUNDS funny when he talks!” said another.

Wirral Mencap Comedy Night

And thus, Dan was thrust into writing a 5-minute comedy set which he then had to perform in front of hundreds, nay, dozens of people (depending how ticket sales go).

So please, please, please donate to a worthy cause. Whether it’s to help Wirral Mencap, to see me die on my backside on stage at a comedy event (and also to help Wirral Mencap) or to give more than the last person (to give yourself a sense of self-satisfaction, oneupmanship AND to help Wirral Mencap).

Every penny will be gratefully received. Not a single penny will help improve the dire comedy that I will perform on the night (unfortunately).

Donations can be made here.

You can buy tickets for the event here: https://dtmm.co.uk/mencaptickets.

Dan The Mortgage Man – Writing and performing 5 minutes of stand-up to raise money for Wirral Mencap


After last year’s sell-out show – The fantastic Comedy Night is back.

A Charity Comedy Night with a difference. Expect hilarious jokes, funny stories, outrageous antics and bags of enthusiasm from our courageous comedians who will be doing a Stand-Up routine for the very first time!

YES it will be their first time. That’s definitely something different.

What a challenge! Why? Everyone has their own personal reason for getting up there but they are all doing it to raise funds for charity. It’s always a great night and when you buy a ticket you will be helping us all ‘stand up’ for people with a learning disability.

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