Free credit report and free credit score from CheckMyFile

Free credit report and free credit score from CheckMyFile

As a mortgage broker, my job is made easier thanks to CheckMyFile who offer free credit reports. But why do I recommend Check My File?

I’m often asked by customers where they can download a free credit report.  Equifax and Experian are arguably the biggest names for UK credit reports.  They also both offer free credit reports via their sites.

Free for life credit reports

In recent years we have also seen an upturn in “free for life” credit report and credit scores.  Both Credit Karma (formerly Noddle) and Clear Score are examples of this.

Credit Karma in particular claims to be “free for life with no catches or hidden charges.”

However, these companies often only give basic data and not a detailed breakdown of credit which gives a better insight.

CheckMyFile claim to be the UK’s only multi-agency Credit Report. They pull through data from Equifax, Experian, TransUnion and Crediva, giving a bigger picture than using a sole credit agency.

Check My File free credit report

Why a multi-agency report is best

The main reason for using multi-agency credit report data is that it ensures a complete credit picture is captured.  Quite often lenders will record credit with lots of different agencies  Occasionally though, they will only record it with a handful of agencies.  This means that by checking a single-agency report, there could be information missing.  This, in turn, could have an adverse effect when applying for credit, including mortgages.

The majority of UK mortgage lenders check Experian, Equifax and TransUnion (formerly known as Call Credit).  Having data from all of these before submitting a credit application helps your broker to get the right mortgage for you and allows you to get the best deal when looking for credit cards and loans.

Get your free multi-agency credit report for free

Check My File offer a free 30-day trial and claim to be the UK’s most detailed credit report. With data from 4 credit reference agencies, not just 1 you can get your CheckMyFile Free Trial here.

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CheckMyFile free credit report