Why mortgage brokers are needed

New analysis from Experian reveals some excellent reasons as to why you should use a mortgage broker when looking for a mortgage.

Virgin Money launches a 15-year fixed rate mortgage

Virgin Money has launched a 15-year fixed rate mortgage for the first time ever. The move comes as part of a new range of long-term residential and buy-to-let mortgages. The residential rates for the 15-year fixed rate products start from 2.55% at 65% LTV. For those with higher LTVs, rates are 2.75% at 75% LTV […]

Stamp Duty liability

Ahead of the announcement of who will be the next Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has spoken about switching Stamp Duty liability from the house buyer to the seller.

Wirral Mencap – Writing & performing stand up to raise money

Picture the scene… Mid-June 2019. The heatwave of 2018 is long forgotten. It’s raining. Boy racers speeding down the strip at New Brighton have been replaced by soggier boy racers aqua-planing down the same stretch. A Southerner sits proudly amongst a group of Northern business men and women at a networking event. “There are no […]

Average rent rises by 2% in the North West and Wirral

Homelet have just released their latest Rental Index and the bad news for renters is that the average rent on the Wirral, over the North West and across the UK has risen. For June 2019 their data shows an average rental price of £941 for a new tenancy in the UK.  This is up by […]

“Should I remortgage now?”

It may be several months away, but if you have a mortgage with a fixed rate finishing in November, now is the time to review it! As a mortgage broker Wirral-based, Dan The Mortgage Man answers the question “Do I need to remortgage?” with an emphatic “Yes!” if your rate finishes around Fireworks Night.# Reviewing […]

Tesco Bank stops mortgage lending

Tesco shocked the mortgage world this week by announcing that they were going to stop lending. If you’re a Tesco mortgage customer and wasn’t aware of the news, there will be a letter in the post to you as we speak. Tesco have admitted that they are exploring options to sell its existing mortgage portfolio, […]

Abba song title answers

I set a quiz for the members of BNI Capital to spot as many Abba song titles in my 60 second presentation as they could. The answers for the quiz set here are below:

How many Abba song titles can you find?

This week I challenged my fellow BNI members to spot as many Abba song titles as they could in my 60-second presentation. It seems like a good place to share it here. So if you think you know your Abba hits, see how many you can spot. Here we go: Abba song titles – BNI […]