Top UK Mortgage Lenders

Who are the top UK Mortgage Lenders?

Updated in 2019, these figures break down the top UK Mortgage Lenders.  The figures are taken from UK Finance and show the top lenders based on total gross lending through the year as well as by total balances outstanding.

Top of both tables is Lloyds Banking Group, who lend under the Lloyds, Halifax, Bank of Scotland and Birmingham Midshires brands, amongst others.

Nationwide are the largest Building Society whilst the RBS Group, comprising of both Royal Bank of Scotland and Natwest are firmly near the top.

The Top 6 lent over two-thirds of all mortgage lending in 2018

Top UK Mortgage Lenders – by total gross lending

RankLending (£bn)Market share
Lloyds Banking Group1                     42.515.8%
Nationwide BS2                     35.713.3%
Royal Bank of Scotland3                     30.511.4%
Santander UK4                     28.310.5%
Barclays5                     23.18.6%
HSBC Bank6                     21.58.0%
Coventry BS7                       9.23.4%
Yorkshire BS8                       8.73.2%
Virgin Money9                       6.82.5%
Clydesdale Bank plc10                       5.01.9%
TSB Bank11                       4.81.8%
Co-operative Bank plc12                       4.31.6%
Metro Bank13                       4.21.6%
Skipton BS14                       4.11.5%
Leeds BS15                       3.81.4%
Bank of Ireland16                       3.31.2%
Precise Mortgages17                       2.50.9%
Principality BS18                       1.90.7%
Paragon Group19                       1.60.6%
Tesco Bank20                       1.40.5%

Top UK Mortgage Lenders – by total balances outstanding

RankBalances (£bn)Market share
Lloyds Banking Group1                      287.520.4%
Nationwide BS2                      183.913.0%
Santander UK3                      157.611.2%
Royal Bank of Scotland4                      138.49.8%
Barclays5                      136.29.7%
HSBC Bank6                        90.66.4%
Coventry BS7                        39.22.8%
Yorkshire BS8                        35.52.5%
Virgin Money9                        35.12.5%
TSB Bank10                        27.72.0%
Clydesdale Bank plc11                        24.81.8%
Bank of Ireland12                        19.31.4%
Skipton BS13                        16.61.2%
Co-operative Bank plc14                        16.01.1%
Leeds BS15                        15.91.1%
Topaz Finance16                        11.20.8%
Paragon Group17                        10.40.7%
Metro Bank18                         9.90.7%
Kensington Mortgages19                         8.80.6%
Aviva Equity Release20                         8.50.6%

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