Earn extra money – Become a Utility Warehouse distributor

Earn extra money – Become a Utility Warehouse distributor

There are lots of reasons to become a Utility Warehouse distributor and set up your own small business earning money from home.

I talk a lot about saving money on your mortgage – see my article on “Should I remortgage now?”, but you shouldn’t stop at reviewing your mortgage – there are savings to be made in lots of places.

Whether you want to save money on your energy costs, get one monthly bill or earn cashback in every High Street store, there are many reasons to join Utility Warehouse as a customer.

This makes becoming a Utility Warehouse distributor an even greater prospect.

What is Utility Warehouse?

Utility Warehouse are a FTSE 250 company which provides training, your own website and full ongoing support for just £50!

Started in a room above a pub in 1996, Utility Warehouse is now a top FTSE 250 company and expanding!

If you haven’t heard of them, there’s a good reason why – You won’t have seen an advert on TV. They save money by NOT advertising.  Utility Warehouse has become so big through great customer service and recommendations from customers. To get started all you have to do is ask yourself:

        • Do I want to earn extra money?
        • Do I like helping people?

It’s that simple! You could earn a lot of money with Utility Warehouse but naturally, you get more out by putting more work into it. It goes without saying, the more you put in, the more you get out.

Many Utility Warehouse Distributors are mums and dads working around school pick up times.  Others choose to run their Utility Warehouse as a full-time business.

What does a Utility Warehouse distributor do?

        • A Utility Warehouse distributor will discuss the essential utilities that we all use:  Gas, electric, internet, landline and mobile to people in the UK.
        • They offer the chance for customers save money whilst benefitting from award-winning customer service.  All whilst getting all of their services on one accurate, convenient, easy-to-understand monthly bill.
        • Through Utility Warehouse Head Office, they get professional training,  provided free of charge online and at a training venue near you. The training system is there to help ensure your success.
        • They get their own personalised website provided by Utility Warehouse allowing them to sign up customers and other team members online.
        • Distributors are provided with all the marketing materials and support you need to help you grow your business.
        • They offer their customers the chance to start saving money right away. It’s a seamless process.

How much can I earn with Utility Warehouse?

        • You can earn £1,000 of bonuses in your first year for meeting realistic and achievable milestones, on top of the usual payments and commission.
        • You get paid a Customer Gathering Bonus every time you register a customer, which is worth up to £50 depending on how many services the customer takes (although is typically £20).  Once you have 100 customers, you could have earned up to £4,000 in Customer Gathering Bonus, and there is no limit on what you can earn each month in customer gathering bonuses.
        • Every month, you will receive a regular monthly commission when your customer pays their monthly bill.  This is based on a percentage of their spend on Utility Warehouse services – on average 3.5% (that is £5 for every £150 spent). Once you have 100 customers, your monthly income will be around £500 per month, every single month. The more customers you gather, the higher your monthly income.
        • If you choose to grow your team by recruiting other Distributors, you get paid for all the team’s customers as well.

The company also provides residual income, which means when you want to finish working you could also continue to earn.

The income earned is also Willable too, which means it can continue to be paid to your loved ones, even after death!

Does Utility Warehouse offer broadband?

Utility Warehouse offers broadband along with several other services

        • Gas
        • Electric
        • Broadband
        • Landline
        • Mobile
        • Boiler cover

Other benefits include:

        • A free review of your bills with no obligation
        • Free LED bulbs for life
        • A cashback card that pays cashback EVERY TIME you shop in the UK

Find out more information about how to become a Utility Warehouse distributor, and fill in the details and click ‘Find Out More’

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